Here at Copy Chick, we know you’ve got too much to do with your business, whether it’s online or off. However, you still need to have a lick-the-BBQ-sauce-off-your-fingers good copy on your website, blog, and email headings. You’ve got to know how to write a good headline.

When you know how to write a headline, it will get people to take action. That’s the power of a good headline. You’ll see some good headline examples in this article. So keep on reading. 

When you learn how to write a good headline, it will make people stay awake at night thinking about you.

With these easy tips and tricks, you’ll see some great headline examples, as well as how to write compelling headlines. We’ll also cover the basic principles of headline writing most people don’t know. This is especially true if you’re just getting started with your online presence. 

You’ve got to know the basics headline writing rules— so viewers click on your blog, email, or website. Some people call bad headlines clickbait. You can learn more about clickbait and how to stay away from it. 

This is one headline writing rule you have to follow: 

Your headline MUST be relevant to the content you’re promoting. 

Let’s say you’re writing a blog about How To Meditate. 

If you’re headline reads: 

21 Steps To Nail The Perfect Downward Dog In Your Yoga Practice

Well… People who want to focus on getting their pose just right are going to bounce off the page. You don’t want to mislead readers. This is a big no-no! If you’re writing about meditation, don’t promote a downward dog. 

Downward dog and meditation do have some relevant aspects, but if your article is promoting meditation, your powerful headline has to talk about meditation. 

Google doesn’t like websites that have a high bounce rate (this is when someone clicks on your website and quickly leaves your page. 

woman looking at Good headline online business photo

Good headlines are essential for your online presence

So if you want to write great headlines (not mediocre ones), don’t miss a bullet or a paragraph of this pillar headline article. Let’s get to the meat and acornn squash of more creative headline examples. 


Here are some place online you can use headline formula techniques to increase conversions, clicks, and shares:

  • Email Subject Lines 
  • Blog Post Titles
  • Landing Pages
  • Online Product Sales Pages
  • Services Sales Pages
  • Offers
  • Print Advertising
  • Youtube Video Titles
  • Product Names
  • Facebook Ads
  • Book Titles
  • Google Ads
  • Long Form Sales Letters
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Subheads for anything
  • Webinar Titles
  • VSL (Video Sales Letters)


Even if you suck as a writer, you can save a few bucks (and loads of time) if you cut and paste my downloadable free headline swipe file. You’ll gain access to after you read this scrumptious article you won’t want to miss.


How do you write a catchy headline?

Good headlines build intrigue and make the reader of your article, post, or ad hungry for your offer. 

Even though catchy headlines aren’t big, they can make an emotional impact on a person. 

Here are some emotional triggers you can think about when you write your headlines:


emotions you can use in a good headline graphic



When you write with these types of emotions in your headlines, you tap into the amygdala (the primal part of the brain). It’s buried deep in the temporal lobes of the brain and is tied to emotions.

Tapping into these emotions can evoke an emotional response in a person. It gets them out of their emotional brain and into the survival part of the brain. 

click on a good headline photo

When you tap into emotions with your headlines, it makes a person react, instead of analyzing what you’re saying.


Check out the headline for a top-selling weight loss product:


weight loss product screen shot headline


The headline tells you that the product is “super simple.” Of course, if you struggle with weight loss, you’ve probably tried dieting. Your weight goes up and down. If you’ve ever not eaten what you wanted, it was hard. You want it to be easy.

The word “accidentally” in the headline makes it seem almost unbelievable— which builds intrigue. It makes me wonder how did someone accidentally figure out how almost to lose 100 pounds? I want to know how to do this!

The word “melted” is a unique twist on weight loss. Melting is another way to tell the viewer that losing weight is easy— not grueling. Melting is much simpler than working out, fasting, or never eating carbs again. Melting is unique. Who melts off fat? I’ve never heard of anyone melting body parts away before. It sounds pretty amazing. 

The words “morning habit” make it seem like it takes only a few minutes in the AM. This technique appears to be quick to learn and won’t take all day — just an hour, or maybe even a few minutes.

“84 pounds of fat” is specific— not general. General is boring. This number makes the headline believable. Using this particular number almost seems scientific.

If the headline said:

“John lost lots of weight with this new trick.”

That headline isn’t as intriguing. It’s been done a hundred times in offers already.

People want to see something new in your headline and your offer.

This formula uses has a unique mechanism. It’s not the same old same old dieting tricks or pills the viewer has already tried over and over again. 

This headline gives the reader hope to actually melt off the fat, not just lose it and yo-yo back to the higher weight again. 

It sounds: simple, fast, scientific, and different. It’s the right formula for a headline.


Hit a person in the emotional amygdala activator— where it counts. 

Amygdala graphic

Emotional words cause a person to react— not think.

Headlines are the survival appetizer to your first course (which could be an online class people can sign up for after your free Zoom webinar). 

The main goal of what you write is to help other people by pulling them in emotionally.

After they’re pulled into what you want them to read, you can show them the logical reasons why they want to buy your products or services.


big social media shares linking to online store

Do you have a ton of Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn followers, and no one gives your website the time of day?  

Have you put all this time and effort into building your social media audience, but nobody clicks on your links? 

This is super frustrating for business owners. 

All this effort and no sales…

If you have a lot of social media followers, you might get a big ego boost, but that doesn’t pay the bills— You’ve got to have GREAT headlines to get people interested to buy your stuff. 

I’m glad to see Jakob has his online store linked to his website for his 81.7K followers. Thanks for the great photo of your Instagram, Jakob!


Do you find yourself focusing on tasks that aren’t making money for your business? 

Neil Patel does a great job with all of his irresistible headlines. In this video, he talks about likes and followers not paying the bills, is right unless you use the techniques he shares to flip that script so you actually CAN make money on Instagram. 

If you’re on Instagram with lots of likes and no sales, you’ve got to watch this video



Did I say I love me some Neil Patel? Because I do.  He makes creates great headline examples and lots of other business-boosting stuff.

Taking time to create headlines that make people click is like putting money in the bank.

Compelling headlines can help you get your business going in the right direction— up up and up! 

As long as you o, a good sales message and the right things in place like a good sales funnel and email sequence (those are for some different articles, however) . . .

You can make money online (doing what you love!).

Seeing examples of good headlines writing will help you understand what makes a good headline.

If a lot of followers aren’t clicking over to your website from social media or somewhere else you’re getting links from, you’ve got a big problem. 

You’ve got no visitors, no traffic and not enough sales. Because . . . 


bad headline on pug photo

If your headlines aren’t good enough— we can fix that!

If people don’t care enough to click through (even if you have something REALLY valuable to share), this can lead to despair and time-wasting. 

It’s so frustrating when you know you have talents and gifts to offer the world, but nobody reads about it because you don’t know how to write killer headlines — yet. 

On HubSpot, they share lots of ways to create finger-licking headlines. 


Good headlines show benefits, offer great tips…


not those kinds of tips silly meme


And sometimes, just sometimes…

Good headlines give the reader a peek into a problem being solved (after the person clicks on your headline or course!).

Then when you have good headlines on your lead magnet or optin box— you can get people in your funnel.

Not that kind of funnel. And I’m not going to go there…

This time.

Here are some real-world problems that can be solved with solid headline principles and a helpful story or offer behind them.

  • Enticing headlines can show off your hand-crafted jewelry business with words that make people want to click and buy. 
  • A good headline will make that frustrated dog owner click to read more about your dog training school and sign up to get your 9 Super-Easy Steps To Train Your Bad Dog PDF. 
  • Catchy headlines will make a crafter click on your helpful article on how to set up a vendor booth and get on your email list.


retro fridge magnets

Writing good headlines attracts people like your fridge magnets— and gets them to stick around (yes, I did that).

Let’s say you’re a candle maker, and craft shows aren’t paying off like you wished they would. Or you live down south, and when it’s summertime, your candles melt, and you lose the precious products (and weeks of your time). 

So you decide to change your business model. 

You decide to teach people how to do your craft instead— What a brilliant idea!

It takes time, energy, and know-how to create irresistible headlines to buy your products or services. 

Copywriters spend years studying, learning, and writing bad headlines to get great headlines.

I’ve written hundreds, if not thousands of headlines to find the gems. 


The main reason is… 


Headlines are hella important. 

Because if your headline is boring, then nobody is going to read about what you’ve got to say (or sell).

A headline has one primary purpose…

ffer The number one job of a headline is to get someone to click on your article, post, or ad and get you on your website, email, or landing page.  

Take a look at this trending article from Thought catalog.


example of good headline about anxiety


This headline has lots of shares because it’s a useful article for people with anxiety. 

Here are the mighty and straightforward things that were used here in the headline…

“A shortlist”— That means this article will be easy to read. It’s fast, and it’s easy to digest.

If you have a panic attack, your brain isn’t going to be able to remember 100 things you can do in the middle of an attack. This list is small— thankfully. Maybe I’ll forget one or two of the bullets.   

The words “anxiety hits” taps into emotions. Especially If you’ve ever had anxiety, this will resonate with you. It’s like being blown over with a hurricane of emotions. 

Here are some geeky stats about the anxiety headline.

The word “anxiety” is searched 100K-1 Million times per month in the United States. So there are plenty of people searching for this specific word. Just targeting the word “anxiety” in a headline will get lost in the thousands upon thousands of websites online that write about it.

Thought Catalog is a high ranking website so that searchers can find anxiety articles more easily than on a small personal blog.  

The word “remember” in the title will make people go back and remember what it’s like to have an anxiety attack. It’s not fun— and it makes them realize this article could help them when anxiety hits When a reader is calm and not in the middle of an attack, it is when they are chilled out enough to read it.


One of the principles of headline writing is to get a person to be inspired enough to read the first sentence.

The first bullet in the anxiety article could be considered another mini-headline. Because it makes the reader feel like there’s nothing wrong with them, and it makes them want to keep reading.  

Anxiety isn’t their entire being.


this far black and white letter quote quote

Here’s a recap of a headline’s job.

The headline’s lettery life purpose is to get the reader to click and read the first sentence.

The job of the first sentence is to get the reader to read the second sentence. 

And so on and so on. 

Keep on reading.


So if nobody’s reading your headline first, you’re won’t get any leads online. 

When you learn how to write a good headline, it can keep you fed, buy your clothes, and even get enough money in the bank to take exotic vacations. Hawaii anyone? 


And even if you’re not a great writer, writing online can be really frustrating (that is… if you don’t know how to market your stuff).

So I want to make it easy for you with this…

However, sometimes (after you’ve written enough)— you might just get lucky on the first try (like when you use the Ultimate Headline Swipe File).


Getting ideas from other headlines is an easy way to learn about and then write your own damn good headlines.

When you’re waiting to pay for your overpriced avocados, blueberries, and almond milk, you can learn from the masters. This is a great time to Look at Woman’s Day, The Enquirer, Cosmo, or People Magazine. 

Magazines use high headline formulas (because they have to if they want to make sales).

The insides of magazines have some great headlines too. So if you indulge in some trashy mags, it’s for research, right?

Who doesn’t want to know about sex that rocks? I know I do.

I mean, I want to figure out the formula they used to write that specific headline.

Let’s break the “Sex that rocks” headline.

First of all, it’s beside the singer Pink and she rocks. She also does crazy acrobatic gymnastics, tied to ropes while singing. I’m impressed by her.

So that’s part of the persuasive copywriting techniques cosmo is using. Her facial expression could also play a role in sex that rocks.

Everyone wants their sex to rock.

So here’s the sex headline formula that rocks.

[Anything About Sex] that [Does Some Benefit].

Sex is a powerful word that will get any headline noticed. So if you’re writing about dog collars, you’ll probably want to keep that word out of your headline, or it could be considered clickbait (unless you’re breeding dogs and it has a dog-collar technique).

There’s that.

magazine cover headlines

And here’s this…

One good headline can sell a magazine, get someone to watch your youtube video, or sign up for your email list.

That’s not all good headlines are used for.

Good headlines make people buy cars, books, shampoo, dog food, and every digital product out there.

Copywriting Chick Quick Headline Tip:

If you have a good headline that leads up to something useful, it will help you get more social media likes, shares, and comments. 



A majority of people will ONLY read your headline (and not much else).

According to CopyBlogger, only 20% of people that read your headline will read the entire article. 

Then off to the trash bin, it goes.

Those numbers could be much worse if you don’t step up your headline generator writing game.  

Bad headlines = no clicks.

Good headlines = customers.

Most sites lose 80% of their potential readers— so you have to GRAB their attention. 


did someone say coffee meme

People are busy and easily distracted— and by not just coffee…

  • What’s app
  • Text messages
  • Tinder
  • Mom calling
  • Facebook notifications
  • Work emails
  • Groundhog
  • Roadsign
  • Must water the plants
  • Check the mail
  • Dirty desk
  • Lacrosse practice
  • Grocery shopping
  • Homework
  • Mandatory staff meeting
  • Have to comment on Instagram

According to Yankelovich Inc., the average person is exposed to about 5,000 ads daily.

That’s why having good blog titles for your site and messaging is SO critical. 


So you need to create a captivating headline to attract readers and keep them on the page.

And another tip is to have inbound links to keep people on your site— like this.

Good headlines (and the content) are especially crucial for your bounce rate in Google Analytics

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing Facebook ads or creating a simple blog post.


Good headlines matter. A lot. 

To sum it up, you’ve got to have good headlines in every aspect of your business. 


And that’s not all . . .


Copywriting Chick Quick Tip:

You DO NOT HAVE to use specific keywords in your email sequence headlines. However, when you do keyword research— you’ll see what people are searching for online. So, do your keyword homework!


love is love headline

You also need long-tail keyword love in your headline.

If you don’t know what keywords ore long-tail keywords are, that’s OK. I’ll fill you in. 

Keywords are the words people are typing into Google when they want to buy something or solve a problem they have that keeps them up at night.

Like the word baby.

Let’s say there’s a mom who’s desperate to keep her baby asleep through the night. She’s exhausted, cranky, and overworked, but still awake. 

get baby to sleep headline bullets copy

So at 2 am while she’s wide-eyed and annoyed. So he might type things in Google like: 

Get my baby to sleep all night

Or how to get baby to sleep all night.

Or make baby sleep all night

This mom is trying to find a solution to her problem. She needs help desperately.

She might click on this one here…




You need to craft your headlines to get the right prospects to your website.

She could have typed the word: 

“Baby” into the search engine. But it wouldn’t have done her much right. 

Here’s a screenshot of the search box, and you can see what pops up. The first thing that pops up is a Justin Bieber song. Yikes. 

Nothing helpful for this worn-out mom except being distracted from getting her baby back to sleep.


baby search in google

When people are searching for something, they are frequently specific in their search, which leads to . . .


Using long-tail keywords in headlines for blog posts is critical.

On the flip side, using only one word (or I think even two words is pretty darn short) is also known as a short tail keyword phrase. 

So if this mom is so tired, she can’t think straight and only types in the word baby she’ll get things “pooping,” (I mean popping, haha) up in the search for baby diapers from Target. Or even the definition of a baby. Or monogrammed baby blankets.

This solo short-tail keyword is more un-useful than her old aunt Mable, she’ll probably become more frustrated and face plant into her keyboard while spilling her chamomile tea all over the desk.


So when you want to write a good blog title, remember to use long-tail keywords if you’re going to get easier targeted traffic to your website. 

Like using instead of using “baby” type in “how to get my baby back to sleep.” 

Searching that phrase in Youtube brought up the 5S Method for getting a baby to chill out.

What tired mom won’t watch this?


how to get a baby to sleep headline

Keep long-tail keywords on the brain— especially if you have a new, small, or mostly unused website that doesn’t get much traffic online. 


Make good headlines, your baby.

In addition, nurture and place your keyword babies throughout your article, so you have an excellent keyphrase density. Don’t overstuff them like you usually stuff your belly at your Grandma’s every Thanksgiving. 


Search engines also care about keyword density after someone clicks on your irresistible headline. 

Having similar keywords help send online users to the right place with the correct information when they type in their long-tail keywords into search.  


Here of examples of short tail keyword ideas and (BETTER) long-tail keyword ideas— for a start to an easily found headline 


Long tail keywords for blog headlines


And the great thing is you don’t have to guess what people are searching for. There are easy ways to find out exactly what people are typing into the search bar late at night or while crouching over sneakily in their cubicle in the office. 


Romance your readers with long-tail keywords all night long. 

Hot headline romance will never die. My love for good headlines grows with every beat of my heart and with every click on the keyboard. 

The Google Keyword Planner is also in a running tie for my online best friend. It’s in fierce competition with the online thesaurus for my love. 


The Google Keyword Planner is that good. 

I’m not sure which one I want to ask to marry me yet. The Google Keyword Planner could come out on top! 

You can find keywords using the Google Keyword Planner (it’s free and awesome!), and if you really get heavy into keyword research, you can use SEM Rush, Moz, or Wordtracker. There are also several others. Some of the options are pricey on the pocketbook, so you can hire someone to do that part for you. 

In addition, if you don’t know how do you look for keywords, I’m here to show you the smooth, cheap, and fun way.


Here’s how to get access to the Google Keyword Planner in 3 easy steps.

First, sign up for a Google ads account. 

Only do this if you don’t have one yet. You only need one account. Google wants you only to have one.

Next, go to tools and click on the keyword planner.

keyword planner screenshot


Click Discover new keywords.


discover new keywords for headlines

Next, type in a topic you want to write about and see what pops up in the search bar. 

In this example, I’m using “how to make wire wrapped jewelry.”


how to find headline ideas on google keyword planner

The keywords that populate in the Google Keyword Planner can give you (sometimes) loads of good ideas for the skeleton of your best headlines. 

However, if there is no search volume (like a big fat zero) for the words you typed in, you might want to come up with another idea. 

Now that you’ve got some ideas to go on, you don’t want a boring “jewelry” or “baby”  headline. 


You want some excellent headline juice. Some sexy sauce. Some pizazz.

You want all this in every single headline (and of course, some good keyword lovin’).

You’ll want to intrigue readers with magnetic headlines, so they click on your page instead of a way to the next shiny object. 

Now we’re going to talk about something less techy in headline land.

It’s more about connecting with the ready on a non-geeky level.

People like to feel understood. 

Visitors want to feel like you are their friend and not just a random person.


Use the words YOU and YOUR in a headline.


You and your headlines copywriting chick

You have the explosive power to tap into emotions and connect with a reader when you’re writing headlines for the web.

People are emotional beings.  

Even the ones that stuff down their feelings. 


Even the most un-sensitive person on the planet has wishes, desires, fears, jealousy (and things that bring them happy-pants joy).

And a bunch of other emotions.

We’re going to tap into the emotions of the online reader who is a real living breathing person.

People have feelings.

People have wants.

People have needs.

People want to feel part of the club.


You can bring emotions into your headlines and reel readers into your world.

Headlines can tap into gut-wrenching feelings, satisfaction, greed (and also give helpful tips). 

People like to get all emo in secret on their phones in the middle of the night (even if they don’t realize the primal part is getting activated— but you’ll soon know how to do this. 

At the same time, we’re going to use a little geeky data to learn how to connect with emotions in your headlines.

BuzzSumo analyzed one hundred million headlines. In Steve Rayson’s BuzzSumo Article, he goes over some of the main talking points. 

In the BuzzSumo survey of 100 million headlines between March 1st, 2017, and May 10th, 2017 Some surprising headline words were prevalent on Facebook. I’m going to share a bit of data from that doozie of a survey.

Here are the top 11 emotional trigram headline words on Facebook ranked by average engagement


Here’s the “Triple Emo Punch” Headline (this is a peek into the Ultimate Headline Swipe File You can get access too when you subscribe to the Copywriting Chick!


top 11 emotional trigrams for headlines on facebook

Emotionally based headlines were the most clicked, shared, and commented on for users on Facebook. 


When you write a headline yourself for your audience, think about what your reader desires.

There is a correlation between a person’s emotions and their finger clicking on the mouse to read the actual content you’ve poured your heart into and published for the world to see. 

Not surprising, when a person reads an emotional headline, they know when they read it, they’re going to feel something. It might help them solve a problem they can’t solve on their own. It might make them smile, feel smarter, or sexier. 


This is the superstar three-word headline phrase.


 . . . will make you . . . 


Crushed the second runner up, “this is why” emotional three-word trigram.

The triple-word phrase “Will make you” explicitly conveys emotion. 

What’s it going to make me do? Huh?

On the flip side “This is why” phrase doesn’t pull at the heartstrings in the same way as will make you . . .

Now we’re going to go from emotions to digits. And numbers are compelling, and specific numbers can make people feel certain ways for reasons they don’t even understand. A proper technique that is used by viral getting sites is to . . . 


Add some “Digity Wizardy” in your headlines.

People like to click on articles that seem straightforward, actionable, and beneficial to them in a natural way. Such as:  


digity wizardry headlines copywriting chick


At the same time, for a non-math-loving person, I love to see numbers in headlines. It makes the article seem digestible. It also looks “organized.” And names have power. Especially the kinds of numbers that add up in your bank account because your headlines are crushing the other guys.  


There’s more important info about using numbers in headlines — the right way.

The Content Marketing Institute states that brains believe odd numbers more than even numbers. Go figure! Literally, as long as it is a different number, and you don’t spell it out. People still read headlines like 6 ways to . . . But I like to stick with the odd numbers (except for 10 or 100). 

Speaking of numbers, let’s move to more about list posts.


List posts for headlines are popular. (Guess which number is the most loved…)

Do This: 7 Ways To House Train Your Pug Puppy With Peanut Butter Today

Not This: Seven Ways to House Train Your Pug Puppy With Peanut Butter Today

The number 7 was hands down the number one favorite among people in a survey. 

So if you’ve got a list of 7 tips, 7 how to . . . Or 7 simple something’s you’re ahead of the headline game already.

Here’s a catchy advertising headline example of a list post headline in action I found it on Huffington Post:


list post headline example


Copywriting Chick quick headline tip:

But keep in mind, if you have a list of 8, drop something off the file in your article and make it 7

That’s a pretty simple headline hack.


Make your headline unique. Like this one: 

7 Ways to House Train Your Pug Puppy With Peanut Butter — 

How do you know if you’ve come up with a unique headline?

It’s as easy as eating peanut butter pie.


Here’s how to see if you have a totally unique headline idea.

how to look for a unique headline on google

Put your headline idea into Google wrapped in quotation marks.

“7 Ways to House Train Your Pug Puppy With Peanut Butter In 15 Minutes”

And look at the search results. It states, “No results found for “7 Ways to House Train Your Pug Puppy With Peanut Butter.”

search results for unique headline in google


If it’s not original, change it up a bit.

You can get a lot of help from one of your new best friends. The online thesaurus

Use Social Proof in your headlines

For example, if there was a guy who trained his pug puppy with peanut butter today, you could say

Clueless San Diego Man Trains Wild Fluff Magnet In 7 Days with Jiffy Peanut Butter! 

Who doesn’t want to read that? I know I do. And the person with the fuzzy puppy peeing on the rug definitely wants to take a gander at that article.

Here’s another example of social proof from Elegant Themes. They have two instances of social proof on their landing page. Do you see them?


The Elegant Theme Divi landing page states

  1. The most popular WordPress Theme in the world and
  2. Join 601,772 Empowered Web Design Professionals & Business Owners.

Nevertheless, these are powerful social proof headline statements with more than enough social proof that made me buy it. I built Copywriting Chick on Divi, and you can sign up for Divi here through my link. It is amazing.


Here are statistics that might interest you. 

  • 86% of consumers read a local business review
  • 57% of consumers will use business only if it has at least 4 or more stars
  • 89% of consumers read businesses’ reviews
  • 91% of 18-34-year-old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

So if Joe from Michigan says that coconut oil is good, then it must be true. 

Let’s buy some right now (and put some stats in your headlines).


Here’s more about social proof in making a purchase.

If you’re bought something on the mighty Amazon— Did you look at reviews first? I know I do. Especially if it’s a product, I’ve never bought before. 

Let’s do a comparison. If there are two books on vertical gardening and one text has 735 five-star reviews, and the other one has three 4-star reviews, which one are you more likely to buy? 

Reviews are a great example of social proof. This is my favorite local coffee shop. If they wanted to create a blog post, they could mention their 5-star reviews. (Dang, I need to get on Yelp and give them one more!).

social proof on quantum bean yelp page


Add “how-to” to your headline.

  • How to headlines are showing the reader how to do the exact thing they searched for. This is genius! 
  • How To Start Blogging With WordPress Divi Theme [The Easy Way]
  • How To Pimp Out Your Tesla On A Budget
  • How To Play Street Tough Music On Piano 5 Weeks Or Less

Here’s a how-to headline from Woman’s Day with the added power of social proof too. You’ll get more bang for your headline buck when you hit it with a one-two headline formula punch.


how to headline with social proof


Use turbo-charged words in your headlines!

John Carlton (copywriting legend) calls these kinds of words, “Power Words.” You can only get a copy is you sign up for his Simple Writing System Course. I’m one of the lucky students to have my hands of a well-used worn-out copy.

Here are some inspiring words and action word headline examples: 


turbo charged word headlines.psd


Here are some Fear Or Pain Headlines

First, you can also tap into pain people have or the fears in their lives. Think about the things that keep people up at night besides babies. Here are some examples.

  • Parents want to keep their children safe. 
  • People want to feel healthy.
  • Women want to feel beautiful.
  • Singles want to be included with their coupled-up friends.
  • People want to eliminate chemicals. 
  • Men want to feel like they can protect their families.
  • 13 Things that Make Your Toddler Safe At Home
  • Read This Before You Use Hand Sanitizer [There’s A Healthy Safe Alternative]
  • 7 Big Mistakes Made By People Who Can’t Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

Here’s an example of a fear-based headline from a prepper website.

Finally, when it comes to reading headlines, it’s also good to put a big focus on the benefits to the reader. Yikes. 


fear based headline example

Now I’m even scared. (Not really). Next up…

Benefits Benefits Benefits (Put em’ in your headlines!)

Beneficial headlines are a great way to get someone to click on your article or post. Because your headline is showing how your post can help the actual person.

At the same time, when someone is searching online, they are thinking about themselves. So write your headline for the other people.

Headlines are all about bringing something beneficial to the reader. 

In this headline from, you know precisely what the benefits are when you click this link. You’re going to get a guide. You’re going to receive a 21-day meal plan. You’re also going to (hopefully) gain access to food taste like carbs— without the carbs!

benefits based headline example


Therefore when you focus on the benefits to the reader, they’ll want to keep on reading! 

The numbers with benefits keep it short and actionable.

  • 10 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend The Best Last-Minute Gift
  • 3 Workouts That Only Take 7 Minutes That Will Get You Rock Hard
  • 5 Breakfast Recipes Your Family Will Love (With Items From Your Fridge)

Here’s a YourTango benefit-heavy headline with some digit love.

YourTango always dishes up useful articles with killer headlines that get people to click and read!

numbered benefits headline example


I also love this headline formula that Neil Patel shared on his blog. 


The [Adjective] Guide to [Ultra-Specific-Topics].


Here’s an example of Neil Patel’s headline formula in action.

The Alpha Woman’s Guide To Dating An Alpha Man (That Will Make Him Fall In Love)

Bring value to every person that reads your headline. It’ll keep em’ reading! 

Now you can read my done-for-you headline scripts, but don’t stop there! Keep an eye on what articles are trending on Facebook, Buzzworthy, or in tabloids and newspapers. 

As a matter of fact, when a headline grabs your attention, think about what made you want to read it? Was it something you wanted to learn, do, or be? 

Look at billboards. Read social media posts that get lots of shares, likes, and comments. What do they have that make them sexy enough to make you and other people click? 


You can also use the CC Headline Swipe File— you can get it here.  

I created the Ultimate Headline Swipe File, so you can write headlines quickly and pain-free. But I find that writing headlines are fun! Let your creative mind flow, and you will become a better writer.


With some practice, you’ll get true mastery of writing Jedi-worthy headlines.


When you see a sensational headline, think about something.

What could you do to make it better?

What would make it more clickable? What would make someone want to read it even more? You can become a master of headlines, so you get more clicks, reads, shares, likes, and customers. Don’t miss out on this juicy headline writing booster!


The Ultimate Headline Swipe File


The Ultimate Headline Swipe File

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